Egypt 4 Days Travel Packages

Leisure Travel Egypt Offers you a wide Range of Egypt Short Breaks  through our 3 Nights Travel Packages to Egypt  to discover the best attractions in Cairo and its Pyramids, Old Mosques and Charges and Luxor to Explore the beauty of ancient Egypt

Egypt 5 Days Travel Packages

Leisure Travel Egypt offers you wide range of Egypt 5 day tour Holidays and Egypt Holiday Packages to enjoy with our Egypt Itinerary 5 days discovering Egypt's secrets with different interesting activities through Egypt cities; cultural, Islamic, Coptic, and Pharonic monuments.

Egypt 6 Days Travel Packages

Leisure Travel Egypt provides you Egypt 6 days travel packages to enjoy  your 6 days vacation to Egypt where you can be connected to the ancient Pharaohs during your visit to ancient monuments sightseeing.

Egypt 7 Days Travel Packages

Enjoy your 6 nights egypt travel packages as we offer you a low rate holiday in Egypt for one week to discover Egypt while you spend Egypt Holidays Nile Cruise across the Nile River exploring many sightseeing such as Valley of the Kings, and others. you will visit Giza Pyramids, and the Egyptian Museum.

Egypt 8 Days Travel Packages

Are you dreaming for travelling to Egypt? we offer one of best 8 Days Egypt Travel Packages to spend holiday to Luxor and Aswan by Nile Cruise. we offer you the Opportunity to explore Cairo's Best attractions and you will discover Luxor and Aswan while you sail across the Nile River with your Nile Cruise.

Egypt 9 Days Travel Packages

Enjoy with Egypt Holidays offered by Leisure Travel Egypt with the opportunity to spend a memorable 8 nights egypt tour packages & discover ancient monuments of Egypt while sail with your Nile Cruise across the Nile River.


Egypt 10 Days Travel Packages

Enjoy with Leisure Egypt Travel wide range of 10 days egypt travel package, we offer you Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Red Sea all inclusive holidays where you can spend a memorable vacation covering almost Egypt's sightseeing. As you will enjoy a Nile Cruise while you are discovering upper Egypt monuments.



Egypt 12 Days Travel Packages

Spend long 12 days travel package in egypt with one of Leisure Travel Egypt Holidays to Cairo and Nile Cruise Travel Packages, as you will your tour will cover apparently most of Egypt's monuments; you will experience the Pharonic atmosphere while you sail across the Nile River.

Egypt 14 Days Travel Packages

We offer you a  14 days travel packages in egypt with Pyramids and Nile Cruise through our wide range of Egypt Travel Packages and Holidays where you can enjoy an interesting vacation in Egypt discovering several attractions during your stay in the country and you will be relaxing in the Red Sea.

Egypt 21 Days Travel Packages

Leisure Travel Egypt offers you where you 3 weeks tour all over Egypt can relax and experience a different life style in Egypt while you visit different attractions; cultural, Islamic, Coptic and Pharonic sightseeing.

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