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The capital city of Egypt In Arabic, "El Qahira" Means "victorious also known the city of 1000 minarets because a lot of old mosques in Cairo there are a lot of places must visit in Cairo like great pyramids, Sphinx, Islamic and Coptic places

Cairo Sightseein and Attractions:

The capital city of Egypt In Arabic called "El Qahira" the name means the victorious, Cairo also known the city of 1000 minarets because a lot of mosques in Cairo "El Moaz Lden Allah" founded it and there is famous street in Cairo in same name you can enjoy to see lot of mosques like those that "El Hakim and El Aqmer" very close to Khan El Khalili one of the oldest market in Cairo. The populations about 23 million Cairo's population is 23 million people in Cairo international airport and there are many bridges that link the east with its west Cairo There are also in Cairo, all ministries and governmental interests in addition to embassies and consulates Supports the Egyptian citizen in his travel inside Cairo on many of the means of transportation such as bus and taxi in addition to the subway project, which links together most of the Cairo

Giza Pyramids:

Giza is known on the archaeological site as the Giza Plateau.
At Giza you will find the great Pyramids (Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure) the three of them is considered to be tombs of the kings and great Sphinx which stated on the human head and the body of the lion to show the Pharos strength and it is mainly to guard the tombs. The Pyramids and Great Sphinx is considered as one of the world seven wonders. Khafre’s Valley Temple stood right next to the Sphinx temple and it is located close to the Nile.


Complex Of Sakkara

is considered as the oldest major stone structure, which built in the
third Dynasty for King Djoser, the complex also contains including a prime minister’s tomb, a queen’s pyramid, and the tomb of the son of a dynasty-founding king. Sakkara is one section of the great necropolis of Memphis, the Old Kingdom capital and the kings of the firist Dynasty as well as that of the second Dynasty. are mostly buried in this section of the Memphis necropolis



It is the capital of Egypt in the Old kingdom (King Menes). Over 3000
years was considered as the center of rule and culture in Egypt.
Memphis where you can see many temples like Great Temple of
Ramses ll Dahshur: Dahshur is located south of Cairo where you
can find the first Pyramid (the Red Pyramid) and Bent Pyramid as
it was built under the Old Kingdom Pharaoh Snefru.



The National Egyptian Museum:

It has a massive rare collection of rare belongs from Pharaonic time.        
You would see the ancient Egyptian antiquities; golden collections and
others. As the Royal Mummy’s room which contains about 27 royal
mummies. You would find also treasures of King Tut-Ankh-Amun as well
as Queen Hatshepsut; newly discovered mummy. The world’s largest
Pharaonic antiquities collection will be only found in the
Egyptian National Museum. 


Ben Ezra Synagogue:

It was once a Christian Church before the Coptic Christians had to sell        Ben Ezra Synagouge
to the Jew to pay their annual taxes to the Muslim rulers of this time.
Abraham Ben Ezra from Jerusalem is the one who did pay 20.000 Dinars.
Geniza was discovered in a medieval (a hiding place for sacred books
and worn-out Torah scrolls). The basilica-style based on two floors the
first floor is for men and the second floor is for women. The main floor
is divided into three parts by steel and in the center marble platform for
Torah reading.


Salah El-Din Citadel:

It is located in Mokkatam, and it is built to be surrounding Cairo and Fustat Citadel of Saladin
during the time that Salah El-Din ruled in Egypt to defend and protect the
cities. The Citadel is known for its fresh breath. You can see the view of
all Cairo. Mohamed Ali Alabaster Mosque: Is considered the largest to be
built in the 1st half of the 19th century & it is built in Turkish style



Mohamed Ali Mosque:

is built in the Citadel. The mosque is the tomb of Mohamed Ali. You will
have a marvelous view across the Cairo to the Pyramids from its courtyard. Amr Ibn EL-A’as Mosque: It is the first mosque built in Egypt and all Africa, it is also called the Crown of All mosques and it was built in EL-Fustat in old Cairo after Fustat burned by the occupation of the Crusaders. The mosque was damaged and it was rebuilt again in Salah El-Din El-Ayobi Dynasty.


Abu Serga Church:

It is also known as Saint Serguis and Bacchus Church, it is considered      
as one of the oldest Coptic Churches in Egypt. It was burned in the reign
of Marwan ll during the fire of Fustat, and it has been rebuilt in the medieval times; it is still remained as a model of the early Coptic Churches (most of the ancient and precious icons are on the southern Wall.)



Coptic Museum:

It contains the largest collection of Coptic artifacts in the world. It displays        Coptic Museum
a valuable mix of Egyptian, Roman, Greek, and Byzantine Coptic monuments.
The Coptic Museum divided into many departments: Stone and stucco
drawings department, writing development and Coptic manuscript
department, fabrics and textiles department, ivory and icons department,
timber section, mineralogy department, pottery and glass department.
The most important collections of the Museum; the number of the Coptic Museum holdings around 16000 collectors.


The Hanging Church:

It is located in old Cairo, close to Amr Ibn El-A’as mosque and Ben Ezra   
Synagogue. It was built in the third century AD; and named The Hanging
Church as it was built up on to towers of Babylon Fortress towers. Yet it is
considered as one of the oldest Churches Still remains in Egypt. Saint
Virgin Mary’s Hanging Church contains the oldest 110 icons which go
back to the 8th century; as most of them go back to the 18th century.



El-Azhar Mosque:

The mosque is considered as one of the most important mosques in          Al Azhar Mosque
Egypt, and the first in Cairo (the city of a thousand minarets); it is also
the most famous mosque all over the world. It is a mosques and a
college for more than one thousand years.




El-Azhar Park:

It is a public park located in Cairo. Among several honors, this park is        El Azhar Park
listed as one of the world's sixty great public spaces by the Project for
Public Spaces .El-Azhar park was created by the Historic Cities Support
Program of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, an entity of the Aga Khan
Development Network. The park, developed at a cost in excess of USD
$30 million, was a gift to Cairo from Aga Khan IV: a descendant of the
Fatimid Imam-Caliphs who founded the city of Cairo in the year 969.



Khan El-Khalili:

It is the oldest market in the Middle East goes back to more than 600 years.Khan El Khalili Market
It is famous of its bazaars; where you can find hand made products such asSilver and Gold and many others. Other than the bazaars of Khan El-Khalili El-Fishaway coffee shop which is considered as one of the oldest in Egyptit was found 1769; it is also named as café of mirror. It was a gathering place for Egyptian artists, such as Naguib Mahfouz the Egyptian author whowon Noble Award for his great writings. The best way to explore Khan El-Khalili is to have a walk in the crowd and see the remaining of tasbil overlooking the street or the alley. This place yet contains
different types of trade field like making perfumes; such as Arabian perfumes, European perfumes, and Asian perfumes.

Pharonic Village:

It is located on an island on the Nile River. Through your visit to the The Pharonic Village
Pharonic Village you will be connected to the ancient world of the pharos,
as you will find actors imitating how their life used to be, how they dressed, their food, their daily activities. Also how their houses used to be. The surrounding atmosphere will take you back in time and feel the glory of the ancient Egyptian.



Ibn Toulon Mosque:

This mosque is considered to be the oldest and largest regardingIbn Tulon Mosque
the size in Cairo which still keeping its original form. The mosque is
designed in the Abbassid and the Samarran style; the mosque is
supported by Ibn Toulon’s palace and the door is adjusted to the
minbar which allowed a direct entry to the mosque, as it is built
around a courtyard. Its four sides surrounded with a covered hall; the
largest one is on direction to Mecca (on the side of the qibla).




Dahshur located on the Nile’s west bank (south of Cairo); in this areaBent Pyramid
two remarkable pyramids which considered being the oldest and the
largest in Egypt. The two pyramids (Bent & Red pyramids) constructed
in during Sneferu reign. Bent pyramid has a remarkable shape on it’s
from which is done through the changed angle during the construction.
The pyramid is built from the limestone. The other pyramid is the Red
pyramid has the largest base after Khufu’s great pyramid at Giza; and
considered to be the highest fourth pyramid built in Egypt as it is the
first true successful pyramid built in Egypt.


Amr Ibn El A’as Mosque:

Its original structure is considered to be the first mosque ever built inAmr Ibn El A'as Mosque
the country and Africa’s continent. This mosque also called (Mosque
of Amr); it was built in 642 AD in (Fustat). Nothing of the original
building remains, but the rebuilt Mosque is a prominent landmark.




Cairo at night:

There are a lot of ways to enjoy Cairo at night; you may enjoy the sound Sound & Light at Giza Pyramids
and light show at Giza Plateau. As you can enjoy the sunset while you
sail with felucca across the Nile River. Also dinner Nile cruise where you will enjoy a belly dancing show, western music, folklore show and
delightful food as you sail across the Nile River.



The Valley Temple:

 It belongs to King Khafre and located right next to the giant SphinxThe Valley Temple
and it is considered a masterpiece of engineering. And its
emarkable architectural style is considered to be one of the oldest
stone built structured in Egypt.
The massive size of the stones which
used to construct the Valley Temple makes it unique. They have
used giant limestone blocks in building its main structure.



















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