City Of Hurghada

If you are looking for relaxation and fun at the same time, Hurghada is one of the cities that you can enjoy swimming and diving in addition to the wonderful atmosphere

The city of Hurghada one of the most points of tourism beaches and resorts in Egypt and the Middle East, has gained Hurghada this reputation big in a few years, due mainly to two things: One is the discovery of the tourist value and aesthetic of Hurghada, which is unprecedented and the second thing is the availability of tourist facilities and sports very quickly the levels in this great region. Practiced in Hurghada activities and water sports of like snorkeling and diving. Waters warm embrace types of rare fish and coral reefs. Hurghada has hosted many of the diving competitions since 1950 and is today most famous cities in the diving world, came flying from Europe and from Cairo and Luxor fall day at the airport in Hurghada, Hurghada is the largest city in the Red Sea. Training internationally accredited diving has taken some of the organizers of responsibility for some dive sites as Abu Nahas, Bluff Point is one of the most famous places in Hurghada.

Best attractions in Hurghada: 

City Of Al Quseir:

Al Quseir is one of the Egyptian gateways, and one of the oldest cities on   
the western coast of the Red Sea. In the past it was known by various
names, such as Thagho in the pharonic period, Licos Limen Al Quseir is
known for diving, with many miles of unspoiled coral reef. Most hotels have
dive centres, and there are some downtown, as well. Safaris are popular
here, either by quad bike or jeep, including trips into the desert and visits toa Bedouin village, as is camel-riding.


City Of El Gouna:

A privately owned luxury hotel town, about 25 km north of Hurghada. Quiet    
and clean, the town consists of several islands separated by channels and connected by bridges. Besides 14 hotels and 3 marinas El Gouna provides diving and watersports centers, horse stables, go-karting, shopping arcades, bazaars, a wide selection of restaurants and bars, night clubs.



Sharm El Naga:

Sharm el-Naga bay only 40 km away from Hurghada, and a few km north 
of Safaga, Sharm el-Naga is a very popular Diving and Snorkeling site.
Many come here just to spend the day swimming in the crystal clear water
of the red sea and sunbathing at the beach. But the underwater is as
exciting as everything else about this place. The reef’s most shallow parts
are only 4 metres deep, and they’re packed full of healthy and beautiful fire
and fan corals. The variety of fish is overwhelming; you’re bound to spot
numerous reef fish species, in addition to huge octopuses and clams


Giftun Island:

Giftun Island is regarded as one of the best places for snorkeling all over  
the world as its distinguished by its marvelous sandy beach and the huge
coral riffs and the uncountable number of the colored fish , because of its
beuty its called now as the Paradise Island




Hurghada Old Fish Market:

The local fish Market in Hurghada is the biggest Fish Market in The
red sea Governorate , as its offer only the fresh fish which has been
fished freshly The old fish Market is located beside the Old ship
arsenal of Hurghada where the worker are building the small fishing
boats by using the primitivetools and Materials , after Visiting  this
market you will feel that you ware out of the Modern World



Hurghada Marina:

a place where the tourist and also the residents can walk in the afternoon
and breath fresh sea air at night away from the noise of Sakala without
anybody disturbing. Whenever you feel like having a rest on the sea side
in a cozy restaurant admiring contours of fine yachts and boats, spend
your leisure hours in the Marina, where live music sound every night.
Hurghada Marina Boulevard offers the best in food and beverage for all
tastes. Work up an appetite by browsing at your leisure in the widest
selection of shops in town


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