General information about Egypt

Egypt is Located in a strategic location of the African continent the bounded on the north the Mediterranean sea and the Red Sea in the north east, one of the largest Arab country's most populous with a population of 85 million people and there are many industries and areas of tourist attraction in Egypt

Egypt is the oldest civilization in all over the world. Egypt's name in Arabic and other Semitic languages relative to Misraim son of Ham son of Noah and explained that means fortress In Arabic Egypt called Miṣr, and in ancient times Egypt known as "Kemet" which means black land, Egypt also known in many European languages derived from the Latin name Aegyptus derived in turn from the Greek word Αίγυπτος, the Ptolemaic called "Aegyptus" on Egypt and its people inspired by the legend of Homers Egypt occupies the North-Eastern part of Africa, Egypt boundaries shares with other countries, Israel and the Gaza Strip in the north-east; the Red Sea in the east; Sudan in the south; Libya in the west; and the Mediterranean Sea in the north. The river Nile flow in Egypt from south to north 1,545km until to exits into the Mediterranean Sea

The capital: Cairo

Currency: The Egyptian Pound (LE or EGP) divided into 100 piaster. It is allowed to import and export any amount in foreign currency.

Language: Arabic is the mother language in Egypt English with the French a close language, perhaps also German and Italian language studying in the high school.

Climate: The climate in Egypt can be chilly from December to February except Upper Egypt such as Aswan very worm and Alexandria in the north worm too, and very hot from June to September.


Local food and drinks:

• The traditional food in Egypt beans, bread. Rice, vegetables with tomato sauce and pasta dishes baked in a similar way to lasagna

• Seafood is a good choice with prawns from the Red Sea, sea bass from the Mediterranean and a  wonderful fish dish from the Nile.

• Small ground lamb kebabs called kofta and shish kebabs made of marinated chunks of lamb and spices grille over hot charcoal.

• Kunafa one of famous desserts in Egypt made with rose water, nuts and sugar, and Basbousa made from fine semolina and flavored with almonds, lemon and vanilla to the famous and uniquely Egyptian.

• In addition, the famous desserts called "Om Ali" a baked dish of layered pastry cooked with milk, nuts, and raisins and spices this story about these desserts when "Om Ali" the widow of king "Ezz El Din Aybek" fighting with Shagr El Dor and killed her, she make celebrate for poor people and cooked these desserts.

• The famous drinks in Egypt is carob juice, Karkadeh "dark red hibiscus"

• Alcohol is available in all hotels in Egypt, and most restaurants are licensed



• In summer, light cotton garments and in winter woolens respectively, in the evening a sweater and an overcoat may be need.

• In all seasons, light walking shoes and a hat are essential and avoid very brief clothing, as the norm is semi conservative attire.

• Women should not wear strappy clothes, miniskirts, shorts, or low-necked dresses in public places (such as offices, markets and shopping areas). Modest dress is particularly important when visiting mosques, synagogues and churches. Ladies should wear loose-fitting non see-through clothes and shoulders should be cover.

• When visiting mosques, men should wear shirts and long trousers. Shoes are not permitting inside; therefore, a thick pair of socks is useful for protection from sun-baked floors. Cloth shoe coverings are often available for which a small tip is payable.

• Shorts and beachwear should wear only at the beach or hotel pool area.

• Egypt's climate is dry all year round, so you will not require rainwear unless you are going to Alexandria between December and February.



 •To prevent sickness while staying in Egypt you are advice to follow the golden rules, which are:

 - Only drink bottled water, never tap water

 - Avoid ice in your drinks • Eat only vegetables that have been Cooke

- Avoid salads and all fruit that cannot be peel


-  Egypt electrical current is 220V, and sockets take the standard continental European dual round-pronged plug

Local Handicrafts:

• Gold and silver jeweler or "Cartouches" inscribed with your name in hieroglyphics.

• Wooden boxes inlaid.

• Carved alabaster from the quarries of Upper Egypt

• Cotton "Galabeya" - traditional robes and kaftans, often beautifully embroidered.

• Papyrus - still made by traditional methods and hand-painted with intricate designs

Business Hours Banks:

from 08.00 am to 02.00 pm, Sunday through Thursday and closed on Fridays and Saturdays.

Governments Offices:

from 09.00 am to 02.00 pm, closed on Fridays and Saturdays.

Commercial Offices:

from 08.30 am to 05.00 pm, closed on Fridays or Sundays.

Shops and Bazzars:

generally open from 09.00 am to 11.00 pm and closed on Sundays Shopping: such as silver, leather, gold, brass, copper and alabaster in winter, most shops are open twice daily.

Officail Holidays:

• 7th January (Eastern Orthodox Christmas)

• 25th January (Police day / revolution day )

• 25th April (Sinai liberation Day)

• 1st May (Labour Day)

• 23rd July (Revolution Day)

• 6th October (Armed Forces Day)

• 1st Shawwal,(Eid Elfitr)

• 10th Zo-Elhejjah, (Eid Al-adha) sacrifice feast


• Football is popular sport in Egypt and the Egyptian team is the most titled teams of the Africa has obtained the African cup 7 times 2006/2008/2010

• The Egyptian clubs are the most popular club Ahly, Zamalek and Ismaili. Al- Ahly team win more trophies African club champions league with six championships and has won the national club was third in the FIFA club world cup in Japan.

• Away from football games, there are other popular after football such as handball, squash, tennis, taekwondo, kung fu, karate, swimming and boxing.

• At the Athens Olympics in 2004, the Egyptian player Karam Gaber received Madelia wrestling gold medal in the Romanian, the first Olympic Gold medal to Egypt since 1948.

• Egypt also won several medals in boxing and the bronze medal in taekwondo at the same Olympics and bronze in taekwondo world championships in Beijing.

Cities must visit :

Highlights of any visit to Egypt include famous archaeological sites from both North and South Egypt. The most famous are:

• Cairo: (Pyramids, Sphinx, Citadel of Salah El Din, old Cairo and Egyptian museum)

Alexandria: (Citadel of Qaitbay, Pompey`s Pillar, Greco Roman Museum and El Montazah Park)

Luxor: One third of the world's treasures (Luxor temple, Karnak Temple, the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens, Deir El-Bahri (the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut)

Aswan: (High Dam, Philae temple, Agha Khan`s Tomb and plants island)

Suez: (Moses' springs, Judaic Hill at El-Khoor and Suez Canal)

El Alamin: (WW Museum and commonwealth cemetery)

Sinai: (ST. Catherin, Moses` mountain, Sharm El Shekh and Taba)

The governorates of Egypt 

- Alexandria:

Population: 4,362,168                 • Area: 2,679        • Capital: Alexandria

- Aswan:

Population: 1,258,882                  • Area: 697           • Capital: Aswan

- Asuit:

Population: 3,701,392                  • Area: 25,926      • Capital: Asuit

- El Bahira:

Population: 5,071,346                  • Area: 10,130       • Capital: Damanhur

- Bani Swaif:

Population: 2,470,960                   • Area: 1,322         • Capital: Bani Swaif

- Cairo:

Population: 8,968,723                   • Area: 1,277         • Capital: Cairo

- El Dakahlia:

Population: 5,338,831                  • Area: 3,471          • Capital: El Mansoura

- Dumyat:

Population: 1,180,991                  • Area: 589             • Capital: Dumyat El

- El fayum:

Population: 2,721,478                 • Area: 1,827           • Capital: El Fayum

- El Gharbia:

Population: 4,262,200                 • Area: 1,942            • Capital: Tanta

- Giza:

Population: 6,107,365                  • Area: 85,153          • Capital: Giza

- Ismailia:

Population: 1,029,136                  • Area: 5067             • Capital: Ismailia

- Kafr El Sheikh:

Population: 2,798,942                   • Area: 3,437           • Capital: Kafr El Sheikh

- Matrouh:

Population: 352,885                      • Area: 212,112        • Capital: Marsa Matrouh


Population: 4,481,879                   • Area: 32,279           • Capital: Minia

- El Monofia:

Population: 3,496,380                    • Area: 1,532             • Capital: Sheben El Kom

-El Wadi El Gadded:

Population: 199,810                       • Area: 376,505         • Capital: El Kharga

-Shamal Sinai (North Sinai):

Population: 374,071                       • Area: 27,574             • Capital: El Arish

- Port Said:

Population: 604,451                         • Area: 72                  • Capital: Port Said

- El Qaliobia:

Population: 4,546,564                      • Area: 1,001             • Capital: Banha


Population: 3,209,982                      • Area: 1,851              • Capital: Qena

- El Baher El Ahmer:

Population: 306,722                         • Area: 203,685          • Capital: Hurghada

- El Sharqia:

Population: 5,736,644                     • Area: 4,180              • Capital: ZaqZaiq

- Sohag:

Population: 4,004,613                    • Area: 1,547                • Capital: Sohag

- Ganob Sinai (South Sinai):

Population: 154,941                       • Area: 33,140              • Capital: El Tor


Population: 549,759                       • Area: 10000               • Capital: Suez

- Luxor:

Population: 484,132                        • Area: 55                     • Capital: Luxor

Other Notes:

• If you want to take, a taxi then asked the reception of your hotel to get you one. If you want to tour a site on your own, you have to be aware of where you are going, and how much you are going to pay for the ticket and what is included with the ticket!

• Egypt has traditional so please respect their faith. Many things that you take as the norm such as kissing or fondling your partner in public and wearing revealing clothing are frowned upon here

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