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Leisure Travel Egypt offers you a huge wide selection of Egypt Excursions and Egypt day tours inside Egypt to Explore and discover Egypt attractions, hot spots and sites, while taking your trip to any Egyptian City inside Egypt.

Egypt Excursions and Day Tours

Cairo Day Tours:
Cairo Day Tours
Cairo is used to be one of the most important cities in Egypt, since it had been the capital of Pharaohs different Dynasty rulings. So that having a day tour in Cairo is a unique opportunity to discover the features of Cairo along centuries. Visiting Pyramids, Egyptian Museum and Sphinx is useless if you did not figure out the history behind these marvelous and amazing monuments, enjoy your Cairo Day Trips and visit the best monumental sightseeing when you book your Cairo Excursions.

Alexandria Day Tours:
Alexandria Day Tours
Why a day tour to Alexandria? Alexandria is one of the most famous cities not just in Egypt, but all over the world due to its location as a shore for the Mediterranean see. The bride of the Mediterranean Sea is the nickname of Alexandria as a consequence of its wonderful beaches and hotels. Alexandria was famous for the economic processes centuries ago in pharaohs' era, Greeks and Roman eras which encourage having a day tour in Alexandria. In 2010 Alexandria has been appointed as the Capital of Arabic and Eastern Tourism.

Luxor Day Tours:
Luxor Day Tours
Luxor Day Tour Luxor used to be the capital of Egypt during the ruling of Pharaohs Dynasties during the ancient times of Egypt. Being one of the important ancient Egyptian cities Luxor considered wide museum of temples, monuments and historical monumental pieces. Having a Luxor Day tours is providing you by a huge number of historical information about one of the famous Egyptian ancient cities due to the antiquarian heritage of monuments which will enrich your information about Egypt and ancient cities regarding the unique Ancient Egyptian Civilization. Having Karnak, Valley of the Kings, Luxor temple, colossi of Memmon and the Bahary monastery are giving Luxor a better chance to be visited by many tourists from different countries.

Aswan Day Tours:
Aswan Day Tours
Aswan is Being located at the southern of Egypt Aswan characterized by its fine and sunny weather encouraging having a day tour to Aswan where you can see lots of monumental pieces. Aswan is visited daily by a huge number of tourists coming from various and different cultures to have a unique day tour. Once you arrive to Aswan you have a variety of choices in there you will be having your Aswan Day Tours according to an organized schedule well prepared by our company. You will enjoy having a Nile Cruise in Felucca which considered one of the most interesting trips all over Aswan. Temple of Kom Ombo , Abu Simbel Temple, Philae and many other archaeological sites will be covered throughout your day tour to Aswan.

Sharm El Sheikh Day Tours:
Sharm El Sheikh Day Tours
Sharm El-Sheikh is the most significant and important touristic city in Egypt besides Hurghada and other cities along the Red Sea shore. The marvelous resorts and beaches give Sharm El-sheikh the ability to be the first in Egypt day tour spots. Sunny weather and the beauty of Red Sea and its corals are the most interesting features in Sharm El-Sheikh. Sinai mount could be reached from Sharm El-Sheikh with a group or privately. Ras Muhammad National Park is a well-known spot characterized by its amazing colorful corals and sightseeing. Going on a Sharm El Sheikh Excursions to Saint Catherine`s Monastery is amazing and interesting throughout the mind taking desert views.

Hurghada Day Tours:

Hurghada is a touristic city constructed recently in the 20th century located at the western shore of the Red Sea, characterized by its high rated resorts and hotels. It`s waters are clear and calm for most of the year and have become popular for various watersports, particularly recreational scuba diving and snorkeling. Plenty of diving spots are found in Hurghada, Diving sites around Abu Ramada Island, Giftun Kebir and Giftun Soraya are very popular. Hurghada`s weather is calm and sunny in winter and hot in the summer. From your hotel you can book your Hurghada day tour to Safari with Quad or not and privately or in groups.

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