City Of Cairo

The capital city of Egypt In Arabic, "El Qahira" Means "victorious also known the city of 1000 minarets because a lot of old mosques in Cairo there are a lot of places must visit in Cairo like great pyramids, Sphinx, Islamic and Coptic places

City Of Alexandria

Alexandria the second capital city of Egypt in roman time was the capital city of Egypt, Alexandra known the pearl of Mediterranean Sea built by great Alexander in 333 BC

City Of Luxor

Luxor has a unique character sets it apart from all parts of the world.. It combines the past and present, at one time; there is many important places in Luxor, like temple of Luxor, Karnak Temple, the tombs of the Valley of the Kings and Queens and the mortuary temples and tombs of nobles and other effects timeless.

City Of Aswan

Aswan was known as "Sono" in the ancient Egypt and meaning the market where the trade center for the convoys coming to and from the heart and then called the Ptolemaic period in the name of "Seen" and he called the Nubians "Lipa Swan." It was known also as the country's gold because it was a treasure or a large cemetery of the kings of Nubia who lived there thousands of years. .

City Of Sharm El Sheikh

Is the largest town in the province of South Sinai is the center of international tourism. Famous for diving South of Ras Mohammed are natural. Are the most important nature reserve in Ras Mohammed and Nabq.

Deserts & Oases in Egypt

If you're looking for adventure away from the noise of the city if you want to get rid of noise and spend time of rest, adventure and discover a new region of the globe. Oases in egypt there are only re-discover yourself again
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